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our mission

To Build a Christian Community through Fellowship and Scripture

what we do

We Strive for Peaceful Life & Well-Being

We’re on a mission to grow our community in a positive way that honors the Lord.

Tim Kittridge
Group Leader

The KRCS Men’s Group is not a church.  We’re a group of men pursuing relationships that help us on our faith based journey.  We’re committed to making a difference in our community by bringing men closer to Christ through fellowship, support, and learning scripture.

We have been meeting since 2009 in small groups and have grown in size each year since.  We meet every other week during the KRCS school year.  During each gathering we learn about scripture in a friendly and open environment.  

We encourage you to visit and learn more about the group. 

Basics of our approach

Our Goals

  • To grow our understanding and relationship with Christ
  • To grow our relationships with one another so that we may jointly pursue and encourage each other
  • To help King’s Ridge Christian School and the surrounding community grow in a positive way that honors the Lord
  • To set an example for our children and the community in the service of the Lord 

Building Christian


2765 Bethany Bend
Alpharetta, GA 30004

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